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FAQs and other information you might want

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FAQs and other information you might want

Post by Weasley on Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:40 pm

Q: How can I become a Professor (Moderator)?
A: You must show your skills in RPing and etiquette, first. You may then be PMed by a Headmaster OR you can PM a Headmaster expressing interest and we will give you a form to fill out.

Q: What is a Professor?
A: Professors are the Moderators of the forum, so they must be familiar with all of the forums, but they also have their own class that they teach! They can assign small bits of homework that your characters should finish as well as giving small exams, events, and more! Professors also can have one student that they RP as.  

Q: What is Quidditch?
A: Quidditch is the international wizarding sport of the world that is played by all four houses at Hogwarts. Each team is comprised of 7 wizards: 1 Keeper (The defender of the three, very high hoops), 1 Seeker (They chase the Snitch (See below) and try to catch it before the other team's seeker), 2 Beaters (They hit the Bludgers (See below) at the players of the other team in order to knock them off of their brooms), and 3 Chasers (They handle the Quaffle (See below) and try to throw it into the three hoops of the other team). The Snitch is a golden ball with wings that is about the size of a muggle golf ball. It is wicked fast and very hard to see. The Quaffle is about the size of a muggle basketball and is thrown about by the chasers. The Bludgers are two flying balls that seek to hit players and knock them off of their brooms. They are hit by beaters that wield a bat each. Each score by the Quaffle is 10 points, and when the snitch is caught, that team earns 150 points and the match is ended. A Quidditch match will only end with the catching of the golden snitch.

Q: How do I Roleplay here?
A: Roleplaying can be done in one of two ways: First Person or Third Person. With First person, you are speaking as one person and can use words like I, me, my. With Third Person, you are narrating what is happening to your character, so you would say something like "His arms were bound as he was hit by the curse" RATHER than saying "My arms were bound when I was hit with the curse".

Q: What is the difference between all of the forums?
A: The "Privet Drive" forum is for all of your muggle conversations. You can talk about anything in there, so long as you follow forum rules.

The "Common Rooms" forum is for Roleplaying in your house's common room and dorms after hours. You can RP there between classes as well as on weekends and before and after classes as well as doing homework or just hanging out there.

The "Classes" forum is for all of your wizardly classes (i.e. potions and transfiguration). The Professors will teach different subjects and assign small homework assignments (they'll be very simple bits, and you won't even have to do them if you don't want the house points).

The "Sorting Hat" forum is for all of the character forms. You can post any of your characters there, and after you do, you should add your characters into your character sheet in your control panel. If you make more than one character, they must be in the same house because of House Point issues.

The "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" forum is for Roleplaying ANYWHERE besides those above and below. Basically, it's for the grounds (Minus the Quidditch Field), Hallways, and the Great Hall.

Q: What are House Points?
A: House Points are the current currency of Hogwarts. Depending on your character(s)'s house, the house points will be tallied at a pre-assigned date and a House Cup Champion will be announced! They will be awarded for posting in certain areas around Hogwarts as well as for completing homework and exams. Also, they are awarded for winning and competing in Quidditch matches.

Q: How are House Points different from Student standing?
A: Student standing is another way for us to say "reputation." Reputation can be awarded via the + and - buttons on everyone's posts. Clicking one of these buttons affects Student standing by 1. Clicking the "Thank" button affects it by +3.

Q: How do I start Roleplaying?
A: First, you must fill out the form in the "Sorting Hat" forum! After that, you can jump into the Roleplaying being performed in the main RPG thread (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry).

*New FAQs will be added regularly

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