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The Profanity Scale

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The Profanity Scale

Post by Sentinel on Thu Sep 12, 2013 8:34 pm

Hey everyone. So, as many of you know, we can use a little bit more "colorful" language.

But how much is a "little bit?" Well, let me (try to) explain. This guide has a percentage of how appropriate a word is, going from the top to the bottom 3 words. Note that none of the words are at 100%. This is because we prefer people not to enter a string of cuss words.

The only limits to these words (and pictures, stories, basically everything) are topics of a sexual nature. These really aren't allowed, since they may make other users uncomfortable. Also, refer to the site rules for more guidelines.

H Word: 93% appropriate
Reason - Isn't it a little obvious? Though saying "hell" is not entirely professional wording, it is for the most part OK to say in role plays and stories, especially since it can be used in a more religious connotation (along with damn).
Example: "What the hell is that thing?!" A man shouted, before it fired a laser beam at the great tower.

D Word: 90% appropriate
Reason - "Damn" is roughly the same as saying "hell." However, I gave it an 90% because it is easier to flame or rudely insult another user by saying "damn" than saying "hell."
Example: Tony rushed after the last bus for the night, but he was too late. "Damn! Now I gotta call a taxi."

A and P Word: 88% appropriate
Reason: "Ass- If you're talking about a donkey, that's totally fine, and if you're talking about a person or a body part, it really isn't that bad... in my opinion. This is an example where it could be strung with another to become pretty bad."
- Weasley

Piss - This is basically the same as "ass." If you're talking about something that makes you mad, it's fine, and if you are talking about a function, it really isn't too bad.

Example: As Danny stomped away, Laura turned to her new friend. "Sorry about that. He can be an ass. Let's continue the tour."

Example: I get really pissed off when people prank me.

B Word: 75% appropriate
Reason: In addition to "slut" or "whore," using bitch or bastard is sort-of OK only if two characters are calling each other those names, or in reference to complaining. Rudely calling another member these words will not be tolerated.

Example: I rolled my eyes. "Quit bitching. You've won three times already."

S Word: 70% appropriate
"Shit- When talking about excrement, it's all fine, and when it's just used like one would say "crap" when they mess up, I think it's fine, so this is still in the "Okay" zone."
- Weasley

Example: James gave Adam a look of concern. "I smell smoke." Adam turned white as he saw a plume of smoke. "Shit! I left the fire!"

P Word: 70% appropriate
Reason: The word "pussy" really isn't a nice word, but it is allowed - just so long as you do not use it in any sexual way.

Example: I looked at the gorge in front of me. I didn't want to risk jumping over it, but I knew if I didn't I would be considered a pussy.

Exclamation The three words below are officially blocked by the forum filter. Exclamation

F Word: 0% appropriate
Reason: The "f" word is commonly regarded as one of the most crude and unfavorable words in the English language. Any use of this word will not be tolerated.

HOWEVER: You may use internet abbreviations such as "omfg" or "wtf" just so long as the actual word is not emphasized.

C Word and N Word (or any other racial slur): 0% appropriate

Reason: Again, these words are way too offensive and crude for any setting.

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Re: The Profanity Scale

Post by boyhoy on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:10 pm

Thanks for the awesome guide Adrian!

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Re: The Profanity Scale

Post by Weasley on Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:40 pm

Very nice guide! All students should note that we do give some leniency, and will issue a warning or two before taking any serious action.


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Re: The Profanity Scale

Post by Sponsored content

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